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12th December 2012

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neurosquat said: Wow. I like your beastiality posts ;) You're very very sexy.

Thanks! glad you enjoy them ^.-

11th December 2012

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What I REALLY want for Christmas&#8230;sorry mom =P

What I REALLY want for Christmas…sorry mom =P

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17th November 2012

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17th November 2012

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17th November 2012

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17th November 2012

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12th November 2012


Anonymous said: aww that sucks I like both of your guys blogs.

Awww well thanks!!

12th November 2012

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Anonymous said: hey were did your friends tumblr go?

She deleted it about a week ago. Sorry =(

11th November 2012

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This is beautiful.

This is beautiful.

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10th November 2012

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Anonymous said: you don't have to apologize for being busy,just don't forget you need some lovin for yourself too :)

Lol I don’t have many people linin up to give me some lovin ^.- But i’ll remember